AZMOM Case Study

AZMOM Case Study

AZMOM Event 2016

Phoenix PC Networking was commissioned by Central Arizona Dental Society Foundation to develop an integrated digital system for patient enrollment, record keeping and x-ray capture for a charity dental event for the underprivileged. This event is known as Arizona Dental Mission of Mercy or AZMOM, and is held every December. This year’s event had more than 100 dental stations and was working on a very small budget. The sponsors also had limited time for setup at the venue which included several acres of operation.

Phoenix PC Networking’s solution involved having an intranet based application written for patient data enrollment and x-ray developed that could be accessed over a light weight network such as Wi-Fi. The solution also allowed the dentists, hygienists and volunteers to use their own laptops and tablets on the internet while using this new intranet. They were able to access the data being created for the more than 2000 underserved patients while using a browser over https for secure communications.

Volunteers in the check in area used low cost dumb terminals that were purchased from surplus wholesalers and re-imaged with Linux software. Firefox was the default application that auto booted into a webpage of the intranet so there was easy access for patient data entry in the newly designed application. After the patient was entered all other volunteers, dentists and hygienists could access this patient’s chart. The patient could then be easily routed thru the stations and receive the necessary treatment and x-rays. The routing and treatment areas used all in one units with Linux and build in Wi-Fi to from 12 different access points throughout the 4 acre operation area.

X-rays were acquired from 4 different brands of panoramic and inter-oral digital dental x-ray machines and then imported into the intranet as jpegs which allowed access across the venue for doctors to view and analyze for treatment plans.

The success of Phoenix PC Networking’s solution at this event has ensured the success of this 2 day event for years to come and will be leveraged in other states for their dental Mission of Mercy programs.

CensorNet’s Fulcrum Case Study

Fulcrum CensorNet Case Study

Fulcrum CensorNet Case Study

Fulcrum serves the real estate industry by providing construction risk assessments and reviews on new and existing projects from start to finish for developer’s, investors, owners and lenders. Fulcrum provides services to review various construction projects and provide custom reports to their clients. Clients from coast to coast and around the world turn to their trusted source at Fulcrum for services designed to reduce risk and maximize profitability. Since the projects involve millions of dollars and tremendous amounts of confidential and secure documentation being recorded each day, security is of utmost importance. This is why they decided to implement CensorNet’s Multifactor Authentication Solution.

The Challenge
90% of the work force is remote to the main office reviewing confidential documentation on a daily basis, so providing a highly secure solution is crucial for the business.

The Solution
CensorNet’s Multi-Factor Authentication Solution

Implementation Partner
Phoenix PC Networking

Read the details about Fulcrum’s in-depth case study presented by CensorNet

The Anywhere Worker: Essential Tools to Keep Teams Connected

Here is a great resource put together by Citrix and Inc. Magazine. This document really paints the picture that the power of VDI truly contains.

The concept of the Anywhere Worker fits into the growing trend of the mobile workforce and the idea that work is a thing you do, not a place you go.

Companies are finding that when they are able to replicate the in-office experience for mobile and home workers, they work faster and more effectively, and can forge the deep relationships with colleagues and customers alike that once could only be achieved by sitting across a table from one another.

As technology and lifestyles are erasing the boundaries between work and personal life, companies need to acknowledge this change and rethink what boundaries and rules are still relevant.

Click here read the entire document »

Phoenix PC Networking Selects Phoenix NAP, Citing Redundancy

Phoenix, AZ, July 18, 2012 – Phoenix NAP®, a full service data center, premier infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider and primary network access point (NAP), announced today that Phoenix PC Networking, a business communications and technology solutions provider, has selected the data center for its hosting needs. The IT services provider cited Phoenix NAP’s redundancy as a significant motivating factor in choosing the world-class facility.

“Having a consistent Internet connection with no latency increases the ability to do business significantly using Citrix VDI,” said James Snodgrass, owner of Phoenix PC Networking. “We highly recommend that all of our clients using Citrix VDI start using Phoenix NAP because of the robust internet service and the overall hosting facility”

Phoenix PC Networking has offered Phoenix NAP as a virtual desktop solution to all of its clients thus enabling them to have a more reliable Citrix VDI experience.

“We are thrilled to welcome Phoenix PC Networking to our data center,” said Ian McClarty, president of Phoenix NAP. “Its business model of offering top-level solutions and services to businesses of all sizes without sacrificing price mirrors Phoenix NAP in many ways and we are excited to be working with another local business.”

Phoenix NAP is a PCI DSS Validated Service Provider and a SOC Type 2 audited facility.

About Phoenix NAP
Phoenix NAP, a full service data center, premier infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provider and primary network access point (NAP) for the Phoenix, AZ, metro region leads the path for technology systems and solutions through its innovation and vastly redundant data center systems. Our highly personalized approach ensures that all of your requirements are met. Whether it’s high-density colocation, flexible storage, physical servers or cloud hosting services, our enterprise-grade facility and certified NOC technicians supply IT solutions to fit your every need. For more information, visit the company’s website at

About Phoenix PC Networking
We specialize in remote access solutions using Citrix Zen desktop and Microsoft Virtualization technology. Voice over IP solutions from Vocalocity are offered that allow employees voice communication with customers and other employees regardless of their geographic location.

Citrix VDI & Remote Access Case Study of TD

TD is one of the largest banks in North America and strives to be the world’s best run, by leveraging virtual computing solutions from Citrix. TD is creating a more employee-friendly workplace while improving business continuity and flexibility—a strategy that is evidenced by its excellent customer service. Here are some great reasons to use the VDI solution!

Give users options, the freedom to choose the best devices and locations for their personal workstyles

The Citrix based VDI will allow users to choose which end point best suits them, tablet, laptop or even smart phone. We can now offer clients the option of requiring new employees or part time to supply their own end points, as the citrix offers flexibility to connection from almost anything.

Read more about Citrix Desktop Virtualization Solutions and giving your employees the freedom to choose the best devices and locations for their personal work styles as well as the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) concept.

Automate your business with VDI

Virtual desktops and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) have been considered out of reach for many small and medium sized business due to cost constraints and lack of technical expertise. However, there is a real need for business of all sizes to have the increased mobility and productivity and cost-savings benefits delivered by desktop virtualization.

Implementing a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) for your business can truly automate your operations. Many clients need to use multiple SaaS based Apps for their company work. Instead of having to configure multiple SaaS Apps in addition to other Software Applications.By implementing VDI, they don’t have to install, configure or sync anything other than the VDI settings, and everything is there… on any device anywhere!

Here’s a great video of how TD uses VDI…

Reduce business IT maintenance costs by using thin client units and iPads for user connectivity

With use of iPads we are able to eliminate corporate from being copied off to thumb drives.

VDI offers higher security options, as example data an prevented from copy off environment to USB thumb drives, CDs etc

You can save up to 40% over deploying expensive PC replacements by using a VDI infrastructure.

Keeping all data and applications in a virtualized solution allows for fast deployments and scaling.

Due to the migration to vdi we have re-purposed existing pcs into dumb terminals to connect to the vdi desktops.

This has allowed us to lower upfront cost when rolling out vdi migration and has a green angle as we are not destroying any existing pcs.

Citrix iPad Receiver v5 with a Hosted VDI desktop and Google Earth