Fulcrum CensorNet Case Study

Fulcrum CensorNet Case Study

Fulcrum serves the real estate industry by providing construction risk assessments and reviews on new and existing projects from start to finish for developer’s, investors, owners and lenders. Fulcrum provides services to review various construction projects and provide custom reports to their clients. Clients from coast to coast and around the world turn to their trusted source at Fulcrum for services designed to reduce risk and maximize profitability. Since the projects involve millions of dollars and tremendous amounts of confidential and secure documentation being recorded each day, security is of utmost importance. This is why they decided to implement CensorNet’s Multifactor Authentication Solution.

The Challenge
90% of the work force is remote to the main office reviewing confidential documentation on a daily basis, so providing a highly secure solution is crucial for the business.

The Solution
CensorNet’s Multi-Factor Authentication Solution

Implementation Partner
Phoenix PC Networking

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