How long has VDI been around and who is using it ?
VDI desktop solutions have been used over last few years, mostly among major corporations throughout several industries ( heath care, manufacturing, financial)

I have researched and found several software companies doing virtualization platforms and VDI, why use Microsoft and Citrix?
We have researched extensively and have tried using all leading manufacturer of both virtualization and vdi, our conclusion is the Microsoft hypervisor offers the most manageable and scalable solution. Citrix has always been the leader on remote access solutions and their hdx technology’s deliver and outstanding user experience for audio, video and desktop experience.

What type of devices and software platforms can I access VDI desktop with?
The options of devices and software platforms are almost endless, Tablet, laptop, desktop, dumb terminals using Microsoft, Apple and Android.

I have researched cloud solutions and what makes VDI a better alternative?
[faq_answer]Yes, cloud solutions are common and growing however most offer some basic functions like email hosting and some web based applications however it can often be frustrating when needing to access because of browsers requirements and users can not share documents in a traditional network share manor with real time immediate access as there can be delays.

What is Voice Over IP (VoIP)?
Voice over IP (also called VoIP, IP Telephony, and Internet telephony) refers to technology that enables routing of voice conversations over the Internet or any other IP network. The voice data flows over a general-purpose packet-switched network, instead of the traditional dedicated, circuit-switched voice transmission lines. At Phoenix PC Networking we specialize in VoIP Business class phone system solutions, integrated with computer networking.


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