The Anywhere Worker: Essential Tools to Keep Teams Connected

Here is a great resource put together by Citrix and Inc. Magazine. This document really paints the picture that the power of VDI truly contains.

The concept of the Anywhere Worker fits into the growing trend of the mobile workforce and the idea that work is a thing you do, not a place you go.

Companies are finding that when they are able to replicate the in-office experience for mobile and home workers, they work faster and more effectively, and can forge the deep relationships with colleagues and customers alike that once could only be achieved by sitting across a table from one another.

As technology and lifestyles are erasing the boundaries between work and personal life, companies need to acknowledge this change and rethink what boundaries and rules are still relevant.

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Give users options, the freedom to choose the best devices and locations for their personal workstyles

The Citrix based VDI will allow users to choose which end point best suits them, tablet, laptop or even smart phone. We can now offer clients the option of requiring new employees or part time to supply their own end points, as the citrix offers flexibility to connection from almost anything.

Read more about Citrix Desktop Virtualization Solutions and giving your employees the freedom to choose the best devices and locations for their personal work styles as well as the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) concept.