Citrix VDI & Remote Access Case Study of TD

TD is one of the largest banks in North America and strives to be the world’s best run, by leveraging virtual computing solutions from Citrix. TD is creating a more employee-friendly workplace while improving business continuity and flexibility—a strategy that is evidenced by its excellent customer service. Here are some great reasons to use the VDI solution!

Give users options, the freedom to choose the best devices and locations for their personal workstyles

The Citrix based VDI will allow users to choose which end point best suits them, tablet, laptop or even smart phone. We can now offer clients the option of requiring new employees or part time to supply their own end points, as the citrix offers flexibility to connection from almost anything.

Read more about Citrix Desktop Virtualization Solutions and giving your employees the freedom to choose the best devices and locations for their personal work styles as well as the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) concept.

Automate your business with VDI

Virtual desktops and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) have been considered out of reach for many small and medium sized business due to cost constraints and lack of technical expertise. However, there is a real need for business of all sizes to have the increased mobility and productivity and cost-savings benefits delivered by desktop virtualization.

Implementing a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) for your business can truly automate your operations. Many clients need to use multiple SaaS based Apps for their company work. Instead of having to configure multiple SaaS Apps in addition to other Software Applications.By implementing VDI, they don’t have to install, configure or sync anything other than the VDI settings, and everything is there… on any device anywhere!

Here’s a great video of how TD uses VDI…

Reduce business IT maintenance costs by using thin client units and iPads for user connectivity

With use of iPads we are able to eliminate corporate from being copied off to thumb drives.

VDI offers higher security options, as example data an prevented from copy off environment to USB thumb drives, CDs etc

You can save up to 40% over deploying expensive PC replacements by using a VDI infrastructure.

Keeping all data and applications in a virtualized solution allows for fast deployments and scaling.

Due to the migration to vdi we have re-purposed existing pcs into dumb terminals to connect to the vdi desktops.

This has allowed us to lower upfront cost when rolling out vdi migration and has a green angle as we are not destroying any existing pcs.

Citrix iPad Receiver v5 with a Hosted VDI desktop and Google Earth